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About The Product

Exploring Liquidity

YNOT finance offers a DeFi protocol over Layer 2 network with features like

Single Token Liquidity

Provide Liquidity using a single token.

Self Owned TVLs

YNOT stratergises to own liquidity of prominent tokens.

Less Slippage

We have more ways to bring liquudity in.

Making Experience Better

Not just a normal swap, we make things flexible and interactive.


Track your open positions and create your portfolio

Flex Trades

Collect NFTs from your positive trades.

Stratergic LP

Change stratergies for providing liquidity according to the market.


Be a user and Collect your reward in YTC tokens.


Meet people behind the project

Shubham Bhansali

Shubham brings his expertise with the product ideation and execution. He has worked on Akestic Infotech advising startups to build their business model.

Product Manager


Varalakshmi Dwaraknath

Varalakshmi brings her 6 year of experience in the field of community management and marketing and has worked with FB funded startups and Leading MNCs

Marketing Head



Brings an experience of 5 years in developing and delivering products of different industries. He comes handy with his solidity and problem solving skills.

Solidity Developer

Core Team

Advising us

Ajeet Khurana

Former CEO of Zebpay, steering committee of the NASSCOM Start-Up Warehouse, ex-advisor to Kalaari Capital, and former CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator. Ajeet is presently a leading name in the startup ecosystem.

Growth Stratergist
Karan Vaswani

Karan is a lawyer who has advised dozens of projects on strategy, legal and regulatory issues, partnerships and fundraising. He is currently an advisor at MahaDAO, Cherry Network, Scallop, Bru, Finance, SportZchain, Thali DAO, Polygame, PolySports, Picnab, Inkling, AdLunam, Glitter Finance, CoinNest, Paylite, Itsmyne. He is the CEO of The Chain Collective, an integrated advising platform partnering with ambitious Web3 founders to shape the development of the new open internet.

Legal Advisor
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A New Finance For New Generation

We are catering tools for the new finance just for Gen-Z so they don't get bored anymore.

YTC tokens

YTC Token Distribution

A token built just for the community.

YTC token is a deflationary token with a maximum supply of
100 Billion YTC tokens.

75% tokens are allocated just for community with a distribution plan of 4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to answer your questions, here are some of the frequent questions we got.

Can I go from two tokens LP to one token

Yes ofcourse, you can stratergise your liquidity position according to the market, ensuring maximum profit to you.

Can I just Swap my token like a regular AMM?

Yes, the product is an extension of the traditional AMM and would be expanding more to give more flexibility to the users.

How does single token liquidity works?

You can provide either of the tokens from a pair to provide liquidity either in primary market or in secondary market. Your token gets paired with a different user who is also longing to provide a single token liquidity in same pair.

Is there a reward for single token LP

We can decide to run staking pools to incentivise LPs for single tokens.